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Show Organizer (s): Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co., Ltd Guangdong Logistics Industry Association China Forklift Parent Company China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervising Test Centre
Event Date (s): June 22, 2011 .. June 22, 2011
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex
Address: Haizhu Guangzhou
No. of Exhibitors: 500 , History Record: 250(in 2010)
No. of Attendees: 60000 , History Record: 27,526(in 1999)
Flor Size: 30000 , History Record: 25000(in 1999)
Phone: 86 - 20 - 34047137
Fax: 86 - 20 - 86374257

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: The aim of LET is to improve the trading and communication of the logistics equipment and technology in order to improve the competitive power of logistics in Guangzhou or even China. The last session of LET has successfully held in China, on June 18th-20th, in the Pazhou Complex, China Import and Export Fair. 250 exhibitors from 15 different countries and regions, including China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Germany, Australia, America, participated in this exhibition with 700 exhibition booths which show latest logistics equipment and technology. This exhibition have attracted 27,526 visitors.
General Information: The Best Place: Pazhou Complex is the biggest and most beautiful exhibition hall in Asia with the ability to satisfy your good taste. The Most Active Exhibition: During the exhibition, there are a lot of activities including “2011 Logistics Innovation and Corporation Competitive Power Summit”, “Guangdong and Hongkong Warehouse and Storage Development Seminar”, “Logistics Job fair”, “Forklift skill competition”. International cooperation: 2011 LET cooperate closely with industrial organizations and relevant organizations from more than 30 different countries and regions especially those new economy entities by grouping their local corporations as delegations to visit the exhibition. The guarantee of buyers: There will be estimated 60,000 person-time who will visit this exhibition by association delegation, pre-registration and especially visit. 1.Logistics Equipment Logistics warehousing equipments, handling equipments, transportation equipments, hoisting equipments, packaging equipments, specialty original logistics vehicles and equipments, port system together with its parts etc. 2. Logistics Service: Transportation and warehousing logistics services, the third party logistics, secondhand logistics equipment transaction and logistics equipment rental services, logistics investment services, logistics insurance services, logistics areas, ports, docks and airports etc. 3. Logistics Information System and Technology: Supply chain management systems, manufacture, transportation and warehouse management systems, dangerous cargo management systems, electronic commerce systems, RFID Techniques, bar code technologies, navigation and positioning systems, logistics information platforms etc. 4. Relevant Organizations and Others: Engaged in professional logistics study of research institutions, institutions of higher education, training centers, associations, international organizations and institutions, medias, consultative agencies etc.
Attendee Information: Purchase, Cooperation, Technology, Gather Information
Exhibitor Information: logistics equipment, service and software companies