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Show Organizer (s): Expotim International Fair Organisations Inc.
Event Date (s): March 20, 2011 .. March 23, 2011
Venue: Basra International Fair Ground
Address: Al- Maqal Port, Basra, IRAQ
No. of Exhibitors: 0
No. of Attendees: 0
Flor Size: 0
Phone: +90 - 212 - 3560056
Fax: +90 - 212 - 3560096

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: This is the first security, safety and fire protection in Basra, IRAQ. IRAQ SECUREXPO 2011. You can find all the details about the show on www.iraqsecurexpo.com
General Information: Iraq is opening its doors. The International Security, Safety & Fire Protection Exhibition will take its place as the first and foremost security and safety exhibition of the region between 20-23 March 2011. After decades of mismanagement, sanctions, and war Iraq’s reconstruction and development needs in security and safety sector are significant. Considering Iraq’s existing and potential wealth, Iraq is likely to be among the fastest growing and most lucrative mid-sized markets in the world.Iraq is ready and wants your business. There is no alternative for this event in the region. Therefore, interest from the industry will be immense. The International Security, Safety & Fire Protection Exhibition will be the perfect platform to meet all professionals and the companies in the industry.This event will have official support from both the central and regional governments.
Attendee Information: The exhibition will be attended by the heads and high-ranking officials of the Iraqi Government and Basra Governorate, representatives of military as well as, administrators, contractors, consultors, project & facility managers, fire fighters, property managers, security & safety managers.
Exhibitor Information: Access Control Systems, IP Network Intercom, Alarms & Alarm Systems, Metal Detectors & X-ray, Screening Equipment, Automatic Access Systems, Monitoring and Control, Baggage Tracking Systems, Motion Detectors, Biometric Access Control Systems, Operations & Security Control, Centre Systems, Card Access Systems, Private Security Companies (PSC), CCTV & Remote Monitoring Control Systems, Protection Equipment & Materials, Central Monitoring Systems, Public Address Systems, Communication Equipment, Rescue and Emergency Equipment & Clothing, Computerised Monitoring Systems, Security Doors, Shutters & Fencings and others